Draught Proofing and Insulation

Draught Proofing

Box sash windows rely on small gaps, which allow them to slide up and down smoothly.
Unfortunately these small gaps can sometimes let in draughts.

To overcome this problem, we can install our draught proofing system, which creates a perfect draught proof seal without restricting the window's movements.
The gaps around a typical single sash window can add up to the equivalent of 6 square inches. Without draught proofing, it is not uncommon for the air in a room to be changed 3 times an hour, leaving you feeling uncomfortable as well as costing you money.
The draught proofing that we install will not change the look of your windows as it is very discreet and it will make your house warmer.
The benefits offered by draught proofing include:

  • No more draughts

  • No more rattles

  • Reduced dust and dirt

  • Better thermal insulation

  • Reduced external noise levels

  • Ensure smooth-sliding of the sashes

Our draught proofing system is also suitable for use on casement windows, French doors and external doors.

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