Draught Proofing for Casement Windows

Repair a Sash, London

Improve the warmth of your home with our unobtrusive draught-proofing service for casement windows. Designed to discretely block out unwanted draughts we can bring your ageing windows right up to date and dramatically improve their performance at a fraction of the price of replacement.

Draught-proofing is suitable for almost all types of casement windows and offers the following benefits:

  • Makes your home warmer, less draughty and more energy efficient
  • Reduces dust and dirt entering your home
  • Cuts external noise
  • Prolongs the life of your casement windows
  • Ensure smooth window operation

Without good draught sealing casement windows, especially older models often develop small gaps around the sashes, which may well be leaking warmth from your home. Of course this tiny gap, as little as 3mm, is part of your casement window’s design – it’s how they work. But it could also be leaking warmth and allowing cooler air to freely enter your home. And it’s not just chilly draughts that can get in, because poorly fitting sashes will also allow dirt, dust and noise to flood into your property.

Depending on the style and construction of your windows our draught-proofing seal can easily be installed to either the frame or sash. The high quality sealing system we use will effectively become an integrated and unobtrusive part of your window, without affecting its original character.

Our work always begins with a thorough check of your existing casement windows, to ensure there are no minor issues which need addressing, such as damaged sashes, rotten wood or cracked glass, which may be allowing cold draughts to enter your home. After that we will install what is known as a ‘pile carrier’ to create an efficient but discrete seal that will greatly improve the insulating properties of your windows.

There’s no need to remove your windows, or for any complicated procedures and the inconvenience is minimal with all work conducted on-site by qualified crafts people. More importantly, the benefits of draught-proofing your casement windows will not only save you money on heating bills by making you home more energy-efficient. It can also reduce the amount of dirt and dust entering from outside, cut external noise levels and extend the life of your windows.