What We Do

After receiving an enquiry, we will discuss with our customers the type of window or door they are looking for, and either advise our clients on the best style for their property or discuss the dimensions of the space they want a door or window fitted into.

From here, we will then visit your property to make precise measurements, so when we make and install the window or door, it will fit flawlessly into the space you have available. Our joiners will ensure that the design of the door/window meets your specific requirements, so the style will fit simultaneously into the characteristics of the property.

Once the product is finished, we will come to your property and fit it for you, so you can be sure that it has been installed correctly. Every installation undergone by Repair A Sash is guaranteed to be efficient and cause you minimum disturbance, so you don’t have to take much time out of your day. The locking systems on our doors will be installed in line with the Association of British Insurers standards and we will ensure that the locks are working perfectly before we leave. If you would like further information about more advanced locking systems, a member of our expert team is always happy to advise you on what would be best for your property. What’s more, should you have a sash window or a casement window installed, we will check that they open and close with ease before we leave your property.

Alternatively, should you require sash window repairs, our team can amend any problems on your window, with their professional service. Even if your sash window isn’t damaged and you simply want to improve insulation, we can replace the current glass for you, so you can save money and retain heat for longer. We can even arrange a free survey, so we can solve your problem in the most cost-effective way.