Garden Doors

Repair A Sash, London

Due to their low maintenance, garden doors have recently become a popular choice for many household owners up and down the country. We install and supply an array of garden doors to fit any property. Regardless of the style, character or location of the property, we can design a bespoke garden door to suit your specific requirements.

Having a garden door installed into your property by us comes with a number of benefits, including a professional service which ensures that every garden door is installed seamlessly.

garden doorFitting a garden door into your property can provide extra value, due to their attractive appearance, as well as increase the air flow throughout your home. If designed carefully, your garden door will complete the house and add the right characteristics and style to the property. At Repair A Sash, we can make garden doors with any type of window, so you can incorporate the style of the property into the door for a flawless finish. Our joiners can combine both wood and glass together to make a garden door that works as a focal point from the back of the house. By implementing a glass window into the design of your garden door, you will also be allowing additional light to enter your home and enhance the living area when you have it open, as it will provide easy access to your outside space.

We work hard to ensure that every garden door that we create and construct is unique, but also meet the exact measurements required. Therefore, you can be sure that your new garden door is not only bespoke to your property, but it is also guaranteed to fit effortlessly.

Our joiners combine their experience and knowledge with the traditional standards of joinery and construction techniques, to provide leading reliable garden doors. We have a wide choice of glazing finishes to choose from for the window on your garden door, so you can match your door to the style of the property and the location with ease.

Having high levels of security is vital, which is why all our garden doors are fitted with the latest style of locks and are always in line with the Association of British Insurers standards. Therefore, you can be sure that both your front and garden door are always safe and secure, whether you are in the property or not.

When fitting your garden door, our team will ensure that every seal is tight, joints fit faultlessly, and they are easy to open and close. Every door that we construct and install is always of the highest standards, and provide weather-proofing, security and reliability.

For more information about our garden doors and how you can order yours, get in touch with our expert team, today. We are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about our services and can offer you advice on the style of garden door that will best suit your property.