Repair a Sash, London


My sash windows are stuck. Are they meant to open?

Usually, both top and bottom sash windows are meant to open. Although, sometimes the side windows in some bays, particularly in terraced houses, were fixed. If there is a pulley inside the frame, then the window was designed to open.
Often over time sash windows can become clogged with paint and will stick.

I have a few minor problems, broken glass, broken sash cords etc?

We will provide a comprehensive service that includes everything from renovation, draught proofing and minor repairs to full replacement windows.

I have single glazed sash windows; can I replace these to double glazed sash windows?

Yes. It is often possible to change just the sashes from single glazed to double glazed without replacing the box. Alternatively the window can be fully replaced which would then be double glazed to comply with building regulations.

Do you provide any other types of windows?

We offer both sash windows and casement wooden windows.

Can you match the style of my existing sash windows?

Yes, we will replicate the detail and design of your existing sash windows as accurately as possible.

I would like to replace my sash windows completely, how long does it take?

It will depend on the quantity and size of the window, but as a general guide one window can be replaced within a day.

Do I need to get planning permission before installing windows, doors?

You do not need planning permission to replace existing windows or doors, though you will need to check to see if you are located in a ‘Conservation Area’ as you may be restricted with what designs/materials you are allowed to replace the existing with.
If you are building an extension then yes, you will need planning permission.
Please confirm these details with your local Council as these laws are subject to change and we cannot accept any liability for any errors made in this regard.

Will I need scaffolding for windows above ground floor level?

It depends on the building that we are fitting windows to. In the interests of your work site, its safety and our workmen’s safety, we must strictly adhere to current Health & Safety regulations. We will advise you if scaffolding is required.

If you take my window and door frames out, will it affect any wiring or electrics in my home?

Most of the time no. If this becomes an issue and we experience such problems when we are installing for you, we will have to stop work (or continue in a safe area) and you will need a qualified electrician to make it safe for us to continue working.

Will my carpets and/or tiles be affected by having a new door installed?

Once we have seen the proposed site, either in person or by digital photograph, we can give you better advice on this.

Do you dispose of the windows after installation?

Yes, we always dispose of the old windows, glass and any rubbish that is left over from your installation. We will also ensure your home and property is vacuumed if required and protected with dust sheets to ensure we leave it at least as clean as we found it.

Do you have guidance about how much replacing my sash windows will add to the value of my house?

It is difficult to put a specific figure on the value by putting sash windows back if they have been inappropriately replaced. However, if you live in an area where most of the windows are sashes this does provide an indication that most people living there prefer sash windows. Having the wrong windows in your house is likely to have a negative effect on the value of your property.

If your question about sash windows is not answered here, please call or email us and we can answer it for you.